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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Besides the following six, which were in both lists:—
515         These six, on casting up the 512    numbers, had  those  marked 512    against their names, and were
516     consequently chosen.—Those 516    witKthismark(*) were reckoned 518    of the Opposition.
*George Compton . *William Noel21 . *Lord Quarendon22 *Sir John Kushout23 *Samuel Sandys24. *Sir John St. Aubin
On casting up the numbers,
*Sir John Barnard . . 268 *Mcholas Fazakerley . 262 *Henry Furnese . . .262 *Earl of Granard . . 259 *Mr. Hooper .... 265 *William Pitt. ... 259
the lists proved thus:—
*Mr. Prowse .... 259 *Edmund Waller . . 259 William Bowles . . .259 *Lord Cornbury . . .262 Solicitor-General . . .259 Cholmley Turnor . . 259
This made eighteen: Mr. Finch, Sir Harry Liddel, and Mr. Talbot, had 258 each, and Hume Campbell 257, besides one in which his name was mis-written, but allowed; out of these four, two were to be chosen: it was agreed that the Speaker was to choose them. He, with a resolution not supposed to be in him, as he has been the most notorious affecter of popularity, named Sir Harry Liddel and Mr. Talbot; so that, on the whole, we have just five that we can call our own. These will not be sufficient to stop their proceedings, but by being privy, may stop any iniquitous proceedings. They have chosen Lord Limerick chairman. Lord Orford returns to-morrow from Houghton to Chelsea, from whence my uncle went in a great fright to fetch him.
21 Afterwards a Judge. Walpole.— Second son of Sir John Noel, fourth Baronet; M.P. for Stamford; for West Looe, 1747-57; a King's Counsel ; Chief Justice of Chester, 1760; Judge of Common Pleas, 1757; d. 1762.
22 Afterwards Earl of Lichfield. Walpole.
28 Afterwards Treasurer of the Navy. Walpole.
24 Afterwards Chancellor of the Exchequer, then Cofferer, and then a Baron. Walpole.